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  • Shaper Machine B635A

    Shaper Machine B635A

    Short Description:

    SHAPING MACHINE FOR METAL 1.Shaping machine price can turning angle of the table with horizontal and lift moving mechanism; for the planning the inclined plane, thereby expanding the scope of use. 2.Planer feed system uses a cam mechanism to adjust the feed rate. It is very convenient to change the feeding rate. 3.Shaping machine price equipped with cutting system overload safety agencies. Onc...

  • Shaper Machine BC6050

    Shaper Machine BC6050

    Short Description:

    PLANER SHAPING MACHINE   Machining plane, grooves and dovetail surface, forming surface and so on. planner bench can turning angle of the table with horizontal and lift moving mechanism; for planning the inclined plane, thereby expanding the scope of use. Shaper ram for straight and level after exercise, rest more than can be restricted in the vertical rotation Angle,and can be manual feed...

  • Shaper Machine BC6063/BC6066

    Shaper Machine BC6063/BC6066

    Short Description:

    PLANER SHAPING MACHINE   The worktable can about rotate angles, meanwhile, it is equipped with horizontal and lifting mechanism for planing inclined plane which enlarge its using scope. 2. It is convenient to adjust feedings and change tool path by adopting cam mechanism as feeding system. 3. The shaper has installed protections against overloading inside the tool path system, due to carel...

  • Shaper Machine BC6085

    Shaper Machine BC6085

    Short Description:

    SHAPING MACHINE FOR METAL SHAPE   Is a general purpose shaping machine, suitable for plane, T groove, dovetail slot shaped surface planing. This machine has the advantages of good rigidity, high working efficiency, low cost and low cost. It is suitable for small and medium spare parts and batch processing. It is the first choice of machine tool. SPECIFICATIONS: MODEL BC6085 Max. ...

  • Shaper Machine BC60100

    Shaper Machine BC60100

    Short Description:

    SHAPING MACHINE FOR METAL SHAPE 1 Optimize the principle of design, the machine is beautiful, easy to operate. 2 The vertical and horizontal guide rail is used for rectangular guide and the stability is better. 3 The use of advanced ultra - frequency quenching process, so that the machine's life longer. It is suitable for cutting all kinds of small parts of the plane, T type groove and forming...

  • Shaper Machine BY60100C

    Shaper Machine BY60100C

    Short Description:

    SHAPING MACHINE    1.The machine is used in a variety of cutting and forming flat surface, suitable for single and small batch production. 2.Bed and other key parts of tempering, vibration aging, super audio quenching heat treatment process, makes the machine more stable accuracy, longer service life. 3.The principal cutting movement and feed movement are the hydraulic transmission, steple...

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