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  • Bed Milling Machine XZ5150

    Bed Milling Machine XZ5150

    Short Description:

    VERTICAL MILLING DRILLING MACHINE  1.Rectangular table guideways with high stability 2.Automatic spindle feed 3.Motorized lifting and lowering of head-stock 4.Headstock swivels±45° 5.Hardened and ground table surface. SPECIFICATION SPECIFICATION UNIT XZ5150A XZ5150 Max.vertical milling dia. mm 32 32 Max end mill width mm 125 125 Max. drilling dia. mm 50 5...

  • Bed Milling Machine X7140

    Bed Milling Machine X7140

    Short Description:

    BED TYPE VERTICAL UNIVERSAL MILLING MACHINE FEATURES: bed type mill machinery Hardened&ground table surface Heastock swivel +/-30 degrees vertical mill spindle variable frequency STANDARD ACCESSORIES: Milling chuck Inner hexagon spanner Middle sleeve Draw bar Wrench End milling arbors Foundation bolts Nut Washer Wedge shifter SPECIFICATIONS: MODEL   X7140 TABLE : Table...

  • Bed Milling Machine X716

    Bed Milling Machine X716

    Short Description:

    BED TYPE VERTICAL UNIVERSAL MILLING MACHINE 1.bed type universal vertical swivel head milling machine 2.head swivel 360 degrees 3.with Control panel 4. Universal mill SPECIFICATIONS: MODEL SPEC. X716 Table size(L×W) 2500mm×575mm Min. distance from horizontal spindle axis to table surface 30mm Min. distance from vertical spindle nose to table surface 49mm Distance fro...

  • Bed Milling Machine X715

    Bed Milling Machine X715

    Short Description:

    BED TYPE VERTICAL UNIVERSAL MILLING MACHINE X715 : 1.The machine is with universal swivel head, it can perform both vertical and horizontal milling 2.The machine is with servo motor, and three axes are automatical feed.It is with rectangular guideways with high stability. 3.The machine is equipped with automatic lubrication system. 4.The machine is bed-type milling with large load and suitable ...

  • Bed Milling Machine X713

    Bed Milling Machine X713

    Short Description:

    BED TYPE VERTICAL MILLING MACHINE X713 1.The milling head is with Taiwan 5HP milling head 2.X is automatic feed 3.The milling head is belt drive with high speed 70-3620RPM. SPECIFICATIONS: Model unit X713 table size mm 1500x320 T-shot mm 3x14x70 longitudinal travel mm 900 cross travel mm 400 vertical travel mm 500 distance between spindle and ...

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