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Orders from Mexican customers have been shipped

微信图片_20210129150209 微信图片_20210129150229 微信图片_20210129150233 微信图片_20210129150236 微信图片_20210129150239 微信图片_20210129150251 微信图片_20210129150255 微信图片_20210129150300On 2021.1.28, the lathe (CS6266C ,CD6250C/1000 CD6250C/1500 each, CM6241), milling machine (XH6325,X6325D) ordered by our old customers in Mexico, drilling and milling machine (ZAY7532) were shipped. Previously, after receiving our machine, the customer was very satisfied. Since then, there have been many orders from the customer. We believe and insist on giving the customer the best quality and service, which will certainly be recognized by the customer.


Post time: Jan-30-2021

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