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How New Technology Will Change Processes

With this innovative technology, roles and tools will change. Today, many CNC machine shops are equipped with computer-aided manufacturing software. But this change doesn’t make them Industry 4.0 compatible. Mostly, the computers on site in these shops do not have internet connectivity to download new specifications or programs. Connectivity is the hallmark of Industry 4.0.

Connected computers in your CNC shop can make your machines even more precise than they are now. Instead of sending your finished products offsite for testing, sensors can test the products in your shop. You can also gather information about machine performance. Since problems get addressed immediately, downtime decreases.

Connectivity also means information going to other entities outside your machine shop. You can have outside experts consult on your projects remotely. Additionally, you can stay in touch with the institutes creating the newest technology for Industry 4.0. This gives you the chance to provide your input on what technology your machine shop needs.

Sensors used to track your machine shop’s tools can also determine the amount of energy used. With this data, you can automate the system to become more energy efficient. You’ll reduce energy expenditures as you increase productivity.

One machine shop, Heller Machine Tools, already has implemented Industry 4.0 into its shop. It’s improved the efficiency of its CNC machine shop in three main ways. The new interface is more user-friendly. Employees can quickly operate the control panels, which include web-connected programs specified by the customers. Industry 4.0 also helps this company’s operations and performance. Computers track the wear of the machines and schedule maintenance as needed.

Post time: Mar-14-2019
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