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  • Gear Hobbing Machines Y3150

    Gear Hobbing Machines Y3150

    संक्षिप्त वर्णन:

     Gear Hobbing Machines Y3150 1. Machining for spur gear, helical gear and short spline shaft, with high and stable accuracy; 2. With both Clockwise and Counter-clockwise Axial feed; 3. Adopt integrated control for hydraulic and electrical system, also, with PLC for electrical control; 4. Equipped with safety system and automatic system, with auto-stop function; 5. Easy for adjustment, and suita...

  • गियर Hobbing मशीनें Y3150E

    गियर Hobbing मशीनें Y3150E

    संक्षिप्त वर्णन:

    विशेषताएं: गियर Hobbing मशीन (Y3150E, YB3180E, YM3180H) 1. प्रेरणा गियर, पेचदार गियर और छोटी पट्टी शाफ्ट, उच्च और स्थिर सटीकता के साथ के लिए मशीनिंग; 2. दोनों दक्षिणावर्त और वामावर्त अक्षीय फ़ीड के साथ; 3. हाइड्रोलिक और विद्युत प्रणाली, भी, बिजली के नियंत्रण के लिए पीएलसी के साथ के लिए एकीकृत नियंत्रण अपनाना; 4. सुरक्षा प्रणाली और स्वचालित प्रणाली, ऑटो रोक समारोह के साथ से लैस; 5. ...

  • गियर Hobbing मशीनें Y3180E

    गियर Hobbing मशीनें Y3180E

    संक्षिप्त वर्णन:

    FEATURES:  The machine is suitable for large batch and single production of cylindrical spur and helical gears, worm gears and sprocket. The machine is characterized by good rigidity, high strength, high working accuracy, and easy in operation and maintain The machine can be operated not only with forward and backward cutting, but also with axial or radial feed Y3180E max work piece di...

  • गियर Hobbing मशीनें Y38-1

    गियर Hobbing मशीनें Y38-1

    संक्षिप्त वर्णन:

    FEATURES:  Gear hobbing machines are intended for hobbing spur and helical gears as well as worm wheels. The machines permit cutting by climbing hobbing method, in addition to conventional hobbing method, to raise the productivity of the machines. A rapid traverse device of hob slide and an automatic shop mechanism are provided on the machines allowing several machines to be handled by one ope...

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