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English wheel PPH500

  • PPH500 Pneumatic Planishing Hammer

    PPH500 Pneumatic Planishing Hammer

    Short Description:

    FEATURES: Anvil sizes:1”,2”,3” radius Speed:875-1350rpm Anvil-to-hammer opening:4” Operating air pressure:50 to 100(Max.)PSI Model PPH500 UFT-2 F1.2×560 F1.2×710 F1.2×1000 Capacity(steel)   0.75mm 1.2mm 1.2mm 1.2mm Throat depth 500mm/20” 500mm/20” 560mm/22” 710mm/28” 1040mm/40” Net weight 23.5kg 76kg 66kg 75kg 133kg

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